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Making a splash for water purification in Dubai, Bluewater has joined with its Middle East partner with NIA to launch an eye-catching outdoor advertising campaign.
Making a splash for water purification in Dubai, Bluewater has joined with its Middle East partner with NIA to launch an eye-catching outdoor advertising campaign.

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Healthy Hydration Revolution in UAE this Ramadan Sparked with Landmark Bluewater Outdoor Ad Campaign Calling for Mindful Water Consumption

In a concerted effort to underscore the significance of pure, healthful water, particularly during the fasting period of Ramadan, Bluewater, a globally acclaimed provider of water purification and beverage solutions, has joined with its Middle East partner with NIA to launch an eye-catching outdoor advertising campaign in Dubai.

The initiative not only highlights Bluewater and Nia’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and health but also showcases its premium water purification solutions, which can be enriched with minerals harvested from age-old mountains in northernmost Sweden.

The campaign’s centrepiece is a large14m x 7m backlit Unipole outdoor poster strategically positioned on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, a key commuter highway connecting the major roads of the UAE. With its crisp and invigorating visuals, the poster is projected to attract up to one million views daily, effectively amplifying the visibility of Bluewater’s innovative and eco-friendly water purification solutions across Dubai.

Noting that Ramadan is a season of reflection and renewal, Mr. Kamran Khan, chief executive officer of NIA, underlines how water plays an essential role in maintaining health during fasting.

“The aligned missions of Nia and Bluewater resonate with the season’s emphasis on health and sustainability,” Mr. Khan (image below) said. “The purification systems not only provide clean, delicious water but also contribute to a plastic-free world by ending the need for single-use plastic bottles and promoting the use of reusable bottles.”

The NIA CEO stressed that the campaign’s primary message is to hydrate with clean water to enhance health, especially during Ramadan fasting. Mr. Khan said adequate hydration is crucial before fasting to prevent dehydration and related symptoms with adults needing 6-8 glasses/cups of fluid daily.

“Water,” he said, “is a key component of the body and plays a life-essential role in the performance of many body systems and organs. That is why NIA will shortly launch the world’s most advanced kitchen water purification solution in the UAE, which was innovated by Bluewater and delivers great tasting, pure water directly from the tap and automatically adds the perfect blend of essential minerals to boost wellbeing and health.”

This current outdoor campaign initiative is a testament to Nia and Bluewater’s responsible and transparent business practices. It aims to boost awareness around Bluewater’s market-leading water purification technologies and educate consumers about the benefits of hydration and purified water consumption, making it especially relevant for health-conscious parents and individuals.

For more information, please contact:

UAE MEDIA: Rohith Thomas, Nia Asst. Marketing Manager, at or +971 56 539 1445

INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: David Noble, Bluewater Chief Communications Officer, at david.noble@bluewatergroup.comor +44 7785 302 694


NIA is a leading supplier of quality and innovative HVAC solutions, home appliances and well-being products to the MENA region; driven by the pursuit to bring the best products to the home and workplace. Its operations are administered through a network of subsidiary companies in the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the GCC with its office registered in JAFZA.


Founded 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, Bluewater has set its sights on being the world's most planet-friendly water purification and beverage company by innovating and marketing disruptive hydration solutions for home, work, and play. Bluewater products are available globally to consumers, hotel and catering operations, event and venue organizations, and educational institutions. Bluewater also owns leading brands such as FloWater in the USA, Spain’s tap and shower mounted water purifier company, TappWater, and Indonesia’s P.I.P.A water technology company.




David Noble

David Noble

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